Tungsten Rings; As Strong as Your Bond

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Planning a wedding is complicated. Whether it is making sure that everyone can eat at the reception or picking the wedding band that best represents your bond, there is no doubt that these decisions directly impact the entire wedding. The wedding band (the ring, not the performers) says the most about the bond felt between spouses. The wedding ring is the symbol for endless love and devotion, representing at time both strength and stability as well as sensitivity and compassion. Although the traditional metal of choice is either white gold or silver, tungsten alloy rings have seen a recent uptake in sales  due to it’s high strength, stylization, and scratch resistance.


The Value of Strength


Contrary to popular believe gold, silver, and other precious metals are actually relativity soft. These soft metals are easy to contort into different shapes and sizes, however, this trait is not necessarily good because this means that these soft metals are prone to warping and contorting if a strong enough force is applied. Tungsten carbide however is incredibly hard and in fact will not bend or warp. Because of Tungsten Carbides hardness, when enough force is applied to the ring it will shatter; making it easy to get off in case of emergency. Unlike other metals, rings made with Tungsten carbide will stay in their original size and shape even after many years of repeated stress.


Individuality in the Ring.


Finding a ring that will last as long as your marriage can be tricky for a variety of reasons, one of which is style. Style is not a constant, it shifts and evolves with people in a symbiotic relationship, bringing out the best in people while underplaying the bad. Wedding rings are no different, one must not feel trapped into a look based solely on the material. Tungsten carbide is naturally a gun metal grey colour but unlike precious metals, tungsten rings can be plated over with gold, silver, and platinum in order to get the style you desire.


Scratching the Surface.


Nothing ruins a good day like finding a scratch on a treasured belonging, especially if that belonging is a wedding ring. The day only gets worse as now you have to take the wedding ring to the jeweller and pay them 20-30$ to rebuff your ring. The situation described above is all to common for rings made out of soft metals like gold or silver which have relatively low scratch resistance. However, tungsten wedding bands have the highest scratch resistance of any metal on the market. Because of tungsten’s immense scratch resistance visits to the jeweller will be less likely and less often.